Open a secure line

End-to-end encrypted and ephemeral instant messaging app, where messages are never stored server-side and only resides within the user's app.


Ephemere is one of a kind, check-it out!


Ever needed to transmit a sensitive information easily to a colleague or a friend, with the guarantee not to leave a trace? Create a secure room with Ephemere and simply share the link.


Ephemere is a fully functional web application on desktop and mobile and is even available as a Progressive Web Application (PWA). Powered by Nuxt.js.


All messages are sent end-to-end encrypted over the wire, using "secret-key authenticated encryption" (XSalsa20-Poly1305). This means synchronization servers will never be able to see your data, even when transmitting it. Powered by TweetNaCl.js.


All messages are synchronized in real-time and never stored on a server. Close the secure room and all the messages disappear. Powered by Socket.IO.


We strongly believe transparency goes hand-in-hand with privacy, that's why this application is free and open-source software under AGPL-3 license, available publicly on GitHub.


Found a bug? Missing a feature? Open an issue and/or contribute on GitHub.


Ephemere security model is based on a zero-knowledge architecture.

Security Model